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This is the second in our series on annual planning. In the first article we reviewed five of the challenges facing marketers for 2022. In this article we’ll provide some tips for a successful planning process and plan. The annual planning process often starts by getting everyone in a room and talking about what you’re […]

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Integrated Annual Planning for 2022

Jon Duke

VP, Strategy

During the past year and a half whatever plans marketers had were thrown out the window. We all had to be nimble and reactive. So now is a great time to get back on track and start thinking about 2022 and preparing those plans and budget submissions. This is the first in a three part […]

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The Dad Diaries

Jennifer Kenny

VP Client Services, m5 Moncton

Okay, so I volunteered (rather enthusiastically) to share the story of my dad’s impact on my life as we embark on Father’s Day. We are calling this the “Dad Diaries” in recognition of our collective celebration of fatherhood, but I dedicate this to David Boyle, a really incredible dad. We lost him 6 years ago […]

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How To Do My First SEO Audit

Sébastien Godin

Data & Search Manager, m5 Moncton

You have a website for your business, and you recently heard about SEO and how it can help you attract more customers, but you’re not a very technical person, and you have no idea where to start. So, how about we help you get through your first SEO analysis? To achieve this, we’ll do a […]

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Mom Energy: Why You Want It On Your Marketing Team

Vicki Murphy

Creative Director, m5 St. John's

When you google “moms in marketing”, all the top hits are things like “how to market to moms” and “reaching moms on Instagram.” Moms and mother figures control 85% of household purchases – even cars. Yes, we like to go vroom-vroom too. We are the target audience for virtually everything. We are The Consumer. So […]

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