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Midichlorians, Funko Pops, and Believing in Yourself: May the Force Be With You

Adam Sterling

Associate Creative Director, m5 Halifax

May 4th has come around once again, so it’s time for brands to bend over backward to find some kind of tie between their products and the Star Wars universe. Some do it better than others. It seems someone noticed I have a small Princess Leia figurine near my desk* so, naturally, I’ve been asked to draw […]

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The Small Market Dilemma

Tyler MacLeod

VP, Client Services, m5 Halifax

Six tips for marketing professionals in smaller markets who want to compete with the best. What a time to be a marketing professional. And by “marketing professional” I don’t just mean someone who has a job in marketing – I mean someone who lives, eats and breathes marketing. A marketing professional is plugged into the […]

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While energy generation and markets continue to evolve quickly, efficiency will remain an important part of providing reliable and least cost energy to customers. However, customers can show persistent resistance to energy efficiency, even when it is in their personal best interest. Behavioural economics has become a bit of a hot topic when it comes […]

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