Small Wonder: Student Recruitment Campaign
Mount Saint Vincent University

In 2019 Mount Saint Vincent University engaged m5 to rejuvenate its recruitment marketing creative and its tactical approach. MSVU had been using its Small Wonder theme since 2016 and while they wanted to keep building on the equity and momentum (not to mention the significant internal support) of the theme, they recognized the execution needed a refresh after three years in-market. MSVU also relied on digital tactics as the backbone of the campaign and, based on m5’s success in previous recruitment marketing efforts, sought our recommendations on how to increase digital campaign performance.

m5 zeroed in on one of the most valuable benefits of the Mount’s small size: the university’s inclination and ability to nurture its students. This became the focus of the campaign’s awareness creative, likening the experience at MSVU to the natural environment in which the greatest growth occurs under the most nurturing of conditions. Among the newly developed creative assets telling story was a video called The Garden and the Farm which illustrated the difference that personalized attention can make in an intimate environment compared to getting lost among the crowd.