New Brunswick’s tourism industry is valued at $1.5 billion, and as the third largest industry it is vital to the province employing over 42,000 people. In 2016 m5 came onboard as the agency of record for Tourism New Brunswick and went to work developing new campaigns for Ontario, Quebec and New England. Our work included market research, brand development, social media, digital marketing, content partnerships, influencer marketing, and region-specific tactical campaigns.

In our first year working together the province experienced a 10% increase in visitation

Globe and Mail Partnership

M5 partnered with the new Globe & Mail Content Studio to produce authentic content thatwas distributed both through Globe & Mail’s channels as well as the social media influencerswho created the content.

Taxi Takeover

To increase top of mind awareness, we brought New Brunswick to Toronto and Montrealthrough our very own cab. Those lucky enough to hop in our cab learned all about whatNew Brunswick has to offer, with one person from each city winning a free trip – but only ifthey could leave right away!

Two by Canoe

We partnered with comedian James Mullinger to showcase New Brunswick through engaging and authentic conversations with locals and visitors alike.

Provincial Parks

To remind New Brunswickers of the amazing provincial parks in their backyard we transformed a local bus stop into an oasis right in the middle of the city. The message? No matter where you are in New Brunswick, you’re always only an hour away from one of our incredible provincial parks!

Getting Away is Closer Than You Think

Our in-province campaign reminder new Brunswickers of all the wonderful things to seeand do in their own province and that taking some time away might be a lot easier thanthey might think.