about m5

m5 has a long and successful history which has been largely supported by our unique way of doing things. Our structured process of achieving the business goals for our clients has (in recent years) been referred to as The m5 Way. However, don’t be fooled, m5 was creating amazing results for our multitude of clients long before The m5 Way was formalized. But, as our company grew and our areas of expertise reached further, it became necessary to clearly define our proprietary methodology of The m5 Way.

Ever since The m5 Way was codified, it has been consistently applied to each and every campaign that m5 has worked on. The m5 Way ensures that all of our team members are doing exactly what needs to be done, when it needs to be done, and how it needs to be done. The confidence of our staff, and our clients, all demonstrate just how successful The m5 Way really is!

You may be surprised to know that the Way actually starts with stopping. We stop, take a step back, and go deep into the details until we truly understand the challenge before us. This search is the solid foundation of the Way and leads us to insight. Creatively presented insight ignites a brand or campaign strategy; it is the spark that sets the machine in motion.

When faced with a challenge, our team doesn’t jump into creative execution immediately. We actually don’t even start at a marketing level at all. Using The m5 Way, we start at the very beginning: our client’s business objectives. From this we begin building a solid campaign upward and outward.

Aside from insight, people are one of the most important parts of The m5 Way. Like building any good structure, the builders (our talented, expert staff) create strong and unique campaigns for our clients. It guides our subject-matter experts through a tried and true process allowing them to move forward in lock-step. Our creative teams dream up big ideas that inspire and inform all of our performance-driven tactical plans.

If I were to distill The m5 Way down to just one word, that word would be focus. The m5 Way allows us to focus on exactly what we are trying to do, how we need to do it, and whom we need on our team to ensure a flawless execution. The m5 Way is simply the best course to ensuring a client’s desired business results.