about m5

Since being incorporated in 1981, m5 has been producing world-class marketing communications strategies and innovative creative for an ever-growing family of clients. Today our parent company, group m5, has 143 permanent employees and offices in Nova Scotia, Newfoundland and Labrador, New Brunswick, and New Hampshire. With expertise in everything from branding and social marketing, to public relations and research, to digital and direct marketing, to web development and audio/visual production, we deliver excellence to a vast array of clients across North America. Read on to learn a little more about our history.

At m5 we dig deep to gain a full understanding of our clients products, business and objectives. Down to the bedrock, through conversations, observation and primary and secondary research. Like building a house the foundation is key. Our foundation is understanding.

We use this understanding to inspire our teams, and to measure their work. Creativity without a strategy to judge it against is folly. Digital innovations for the sake of novelty are a waste of clients’ finite budgets. At m5, our cross-functional teams are inspired to create great work, but all within a strategic discipline. That’s what keeps varied functions like creative, development, digital media all working towards the same goal.

Inspired by Understanding is the core of what m5 stands for. It is why we exist, and why we have grown from a St. John’s-based small business to the largest agency in Atlantic Canada with over 140 employees and offices throughout Atlantic Canada and the north-east US. It’s also why we continue to evolve and create innovative work that gets results.

If Inspired By Understanding is the heart of what we do then The m5 Way is the brain. Simply stated, The m5 Way is how we go about delivering on Inspired by Understanding. It is the proprietary process that we employ to ensure every campaign goes from strategic insight to on-target creative concepts and results-driven tactical programs. It is a step-by-step roadmap that takes us from discovery and analysis through strategy, planning and creative development, to arrive at an inspired solution that meets our client’s business objectives.